Header Banner: Cottage on River Avill by Rebacan (deviantART)

On About page: Cove Lane by dreddish (deviantART)

smoky_by_a_kwiatkowski-d59aeepPost 3rd March 2013: by kwiatkowski (deviantART)

The_Fight_between_Sun_and_Fog_by_LadyNataljaPost 10th March 2013: by LadyNatalja (deviantART)

Fruits_And_Vegetables_by_L1lly Post 17th March 2013: by L1lly (deviantART)

river_wye__bakewell_derbyshire_by_ddukey-d4wib7n Post 31st March 2013: by ddukey (deviantART)

Blackbird_by_adusaPost 4th June 2013: by adusa (deviantART)

368871_welsummer-cockerel-for-sale_photo_1_img[1]Post 2nd July 2013: Google Images

electric-line-transfer[1]Post 21st Oct 2013: from




Post 19th March 2014: by cjchmiel (deviantART) 



CapturePost 19th May 2014: by Atomicules (flickr)


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