Ever wondered what it is really like to live in the countryside? What is it that the vendors and estate agents don’t tell you when you set your heart on that idyllic country cottage? After living the rural life in semi-isolation for many years it is perhaps time to let others know what really happens behind that chocolate-box image.

Some people are lucky and find that the countryside offers all that they could wish for; a peaceful haven of tranquility in a cluttered world. Others can’t wait to hot-foot back to civilization where they don’t have to trek for miles to buy a bottle of milk, where the internet connections go faster than a snail and there is such a thing a public transport. It’s a case of winners and losers, give and take, but what is probably needed is a strong constitution and a good sense of humour.

These are my, sometimes quirky, insights into rural living. They won’t be the same for everyone but hopefully they will strike a chord with some of you out there. Where I’ve used photographs that are not my own I give grateful thanks to the talented photographers and acknowledge them on the Acknowlegements page.


3 Responses to About

  1. Liz says:

    I would love to live in a countryside with amenities and transport, internet inclusive. I think that would be exciting. Are there schools in this place and what’s the population like? I guess each countryside varies from one place to another, I read your post on the internet and tourists swamping some areas. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful Sunday.

    • ruralmoon says:

      Thank you for visiting. Yes, it is lovely here but amenities are negligible, transport non-existent and internet slow! The immediate population is only about 40-50 people but there is a small town roughly 3 miles away, so within walking distance although really a car is pretty much essential. We tend to be forgotten about by everyone, which can be a good thing though at times it is irritating. It is a lifestyle choice and I really wouldn’t want to swap it for the bustle of a big town or city, but it certainly wouldn’t suit everyone.

      • Liz says:

        Sounds very interesting. I bet everybody knows everybody else. That’s a small number of people. I life in a small city and I love it. The bigger cities are of course much more stressful. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful harvest season.

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