We’ve just come back from holiday (hence lack of posts, sorry) and, as usual, we have taken our break in another rural area albeit one more popular but less populous than where we live. We love the area, as do many other visitors, and we do have a dream that maybe one day we’ll be able to live there, although that will have to be when we no longer have to work for a living – and who knows when that will be!

One of the biggest issues for the local population has to be lack of suitable work for themselves and their families. No wonder rural poverty is on the increase. Other than the large tourist trade (which certainly seems to have been adversely affected by the economic downturn) which is a large employer during the peak season, there is work in agriculture and forestry but not enough to sustain year-round employment for everyone. There are minimal opportunities for anyone wanting more than seasonal employment making it necessary for people to move away for work. Due to the topography the infrastructure is poor meaning that travelling any distance is difficult, and with poor communications (ie negligible mobile phone coverage and slow internet speeds) working from home isn’t necessarily an option.

So, moving to the country (at least, to some parts of rural England) is really only an option for those who are fortunate enough to secure one of the rare jobs in the area, or if you are able to leave the rat race behind. For us, in our rural retreat, we are close enough to a decent road network to enable Husband to travel, so for now at least, we’ll be staying where we are.

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