It’s that time of year when we’re all feeling in need of a break and many of us are lucky enough to be going on holiday. For some it is jetting off to foreign places, for others is a trip to the coast or maybe some kind of activity. Each to his own.

When we lived in the city planning and executing a holiday wasn’t too much hassle. We had close neighbours to watch over the garden and house, and relatives living close by. Here in the country it is a little different, and for some people it can be almost impossible to get away.

We are still fortunate in that we have neighbours (albeit a couple of fields away) who will trudge over daily to see to our garden and greenhouse, both of which need quite a bit of attention and copious amounts of water during the summer. And we since we no longer have any animals we don’t have to factor them into our plans. But some people aren’t as lucky. A rural hideaway can mean no neighbours to rely on, and if you keep any animals – be they chickens, horses, sheep or whatever – you not only need someone willing to look after them, but they need to know how to look after them too. Not everyone is comfortable or able to see to your livestock, and if you have to ‘buy in’ help to cover for your holiday the cost can be prohibitive.

Our neighbours won’t accept any payment for their troubles, but what they will accept is a bottle of my special home-made liqueur. Their favourite is the Sloe Gin, although there have been few sloes these last couple of years so stock is low. They will be more than happy with a bottle of Raspberry Gin or Vodka, both very pleasing, or maybe a taster of Strawberry Gin which is now a year old. It’s a small price to pay for a holiday.

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One Response to HOLIDAY TIME

  1. cathyharnett says:

    I would volunteer on the basis of the liqueur, but having seen your glorious photo I want to come with you!

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