We had a rude awakening this morning by something we haven’t experienced for a long time, but the 4.15am call wasn’t something we were particularly happy about. Nor were we best pleased when it went on, and on, and on. A cockerel crowing in the wee dawn hours may be some people’s idea of bucolic bliss, but having to put up with it is far from blissful, or restful, or charming, expecially if you need those extra couple of hours of sleep before facing a long, hard day at work. It is a pain in the – well, the where-evers.

I’m not fond of chickens, but many of our neighbours keep them and I regularly buy my eggs from one neighbour. However, our neighbours are fairly considerate people and there seems to be a general agreement amongst the chicken-keepers that cockerels are not particularly welcome due to their tendency to rouse everyone at the crack of dawn.

This morning’s herald does not belong to a neighbour as such, but to a couple who have bought a local field in which to keep their horses, subsequently filling it with all manner of ramshackle buildings and some chickens. This couple live a few miles away, far enough to sleep blissfully undisturbed by their early morning caller.

A few years ago they had two competing cockerels and were clearly untroubled as to the nuisance they were causing. In the end the Council had to issue a warning and the cockerels were penned up at night. Apart from an occassional bout of crowing during the day to remind us of their presence we more or less forgot about them. Until this morning.

We are hoping this morning’s episode is just a blip, an oversight on the part of the fowl’s owners and that maybe they forgot to close the door to the cockerel’s overnight quarters. But if this is to become a regular occurrence again we will keep our fingers crossed that Mr Fox will come visiting.


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