At last, it really is Spring. It feels like it, and it looks like it too. The grass is growing, the farmers are busy and the birds are frantically building their nests. One typical sign of Spring, though, is young lambs  in the fields. Cute, cuddly, woolly and almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


There are no sheep farmers around here, it is mainly arable with a few cows and pigs, so the lambs aren’t something we see over our own garden fence. But what if you move into a rural house and find those adorable lambs as your immediate neighbours? Don’t do, as my mother once did whilst on holiday on a farm, start to give them all names. Try, if you can, to let them blend into the landscape. Nice to look at, but don’t linger.

You see, what you have to remember is that the lambs, just like wheat or vegetables, are a crop. They are the farmer’s livelihood and virtually all of them will be sent to slaughter. The same goes for the cows, pigs and most other livestoc and it is surprising how many people tend to forget where their food actually comes from. Whilst many in search of the ‘good life’ will want to raise their own animals to eat there are more who will find it hard dealing with seeing their meat ‘on the hoof’ first. After observing lambs at such close quarters on holiday, my mother never ate lamb again!

As for us, well we have no qualms. We’re vegetarians and were before we even moved to the country! The lambs are safe from us.

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