Yes, it is Spring (officially). Yes, it is almost Easter. And yes, it is snowing. Again.

The weather is a common enough topic in the UK, varied enough to always give us something to talk about. And the weather just happens, right? Sometimes it can cause a little disruption but hey, it is usually only for a day or two. If you are embarking on the rural lifestyle though, think again.

The news reports are bleating about there being a couple of centimeters of snow in the London area, whereas I can only think: ‘If only’. Here the wind is driving horizontally across open farmland, blowing the fields clear but drifting up against hedgerows and houses. The only access road is blocked by snowdrifts that are 5 feet deep in places, maybe more further along but we gave up trying to walk though them to see. The local farmer with a snow plough on the front of his tractor hasn’t been able to clear a way through. Drivers of 4×4 vehicles out for some fun have become well and truly stuck causing more chaos (and receiving no sympathy). And there is no point waiting for the Council to send out ploughs or gritters. It doesn’t happen. Ever.


Husband had to abandon his car on Friday evening after helping to push someone out of a snowdrift, fortunately able to leave his vehicle in a neighbour’s driveway (the neighbour is someone we have never met, and lives over half a mile away but rural camaraderie is a big plus about living here) though it is likely to be there some time. We are now trying to formulate a plan to get husband to work and daughter to school. It may involve them trekking through the drifts on Sunday and staying with relatives overnight. Then he can get a lift to work (and will be staying away) whereas daughter can catch the school bus, but will have to return to the relatives until the snow clears enough. Forward planning is the key.

I will be staying at home where we are well stocked with food, but where the gas supply has run out (the joys of erratic LPG deliveries) so we are relying on electric heaters and hoping that the power doesn’t go. It has happened in the past, more frequently than is comfortable, and hoping that I don’t have to drag out the camping stove. (As I said, forward planning!)

This is country living in the raw!

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2 Responses to SNOW – AGAIN

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  2. yachtlyra says:

    Great photo – no chance of anyone getting through that!

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