It’s been a week with minimal moonlight, and it certainly makes a difference.  No moon and clear skies are beautiful; the lack of light pollution means that the stars fill the skies like diamonds sewn onto velvet. Perfect for astronomers, or anyone with even a passing interest in the night sky.

This week, however, we haven’t been blessed with those crisp, clear skies. Instead it has been overcast, which has meant that we’ve been dealing with the kind of darkness that suburban dwellers can only dream of (and I’m sure there are others who live in far more remote areas who think that our dark skies are positively glowing!) and where you need a torch just to find your own garden gate.

To make matters worse, though, we’ve had to contend with fog. Driving in fog anywhere, anytime, is pretty grim, but when there are no street lights, no white lines, no cats’ eyes, no curb stones and no glowing house windows to guide you, it puts a whole new twist to ‘driving blind’. And every rural road has its own particular hazards (ours has a sharp, steep drop on one side) to make things even more interesting. Think blind bends, stray livestock, cyclists without lights, joggers in dark clothes, farm trailers without lights, fallen branches, to name a few – you get the picture. And yes, I’ve met all of these at some time, though fortunately not all at once!

Some days have been worse than others, and one night in particular we abandoned a journey and returned home. It took us half an hour to travel a little over 4 miles!

Fortunately, after a week of being shrouded in clammy mists, the fog has finally gone. Although this morning we woke up to snow again. Sometimes, you just can’t win.

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  1. digging that misty moon pic

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