First of all let me say that this is a spontaneous, unplanned post. A reaction to circumstances that greeted me on arriving home on Friday evening!

For some time our doorbell hasn’t worked, it hasn’t bothered us overmuch and we haven’t felt at a loss without it.  Anyone who really needs us either knocks on the door loudly or gives us prior warning of a visit. Deliveries can be a bit awkward, but it isn’t something we’ve been too concerned about.

However, recently the lack of doorbell has caused one or two minor problems (ie regarding daughter’s new boyfriend), so husband clearly took note and decided to put his not-inconsiderable skills to the test.

I arrived home on Friday evening to a cheery husband who instructed me to ‘press the doorbell’. I did, and was greeted by an extremely loud shop-bell-like ring. Wandering into the kitchen I looked up to where the bell unit was, and saw it. A lunchbox on the kitchen wall! Husband, genius that he is, had repaired/re-modelled/re-styled the old doorbell and housed it in a lunchbox. Full marks for effort. Zero for presentation.

Try as I might I just could not summon up any enthusiasm for the contraption blighting the finally-finished-after-3-years kitchen, so husband called upon daughter to back him up. When she saw it, her jaw dropped – then the comments began. Everything from ringing for lunch, getting a Pavlovian reaction and taking recycling to a whole new level!

Suffice to say that, by the time we were finished daughter and I were howling with laughter, tears streaming down our cheeks whilst husband had retreated huffily to another room.

Husband has promised that the lunch-box is only a prototype (then why is it in situ?) and that he’ll make a better casing for it ‘later’.  Hmmm,  a deja-vu moment here. ‘Later’ can be anything from a week (rare) to a number of years (frequent).

UPDATE: It is now Saturday, the offending lunchbox has been removed and husband has spent most of the afternoon in his garage/workshop working on Doorbell Mark II. I have not been allowed to see it (ominous) but I have been assured that it is, this time, aesthetically pleasing. Obviously threats of public humiliation are enough to motivate him into making the necessary changes.

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  1. cathyharnett says:

    Don’t let him near the secret flask!

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